How did you get started playing pool?

I got started playing pool when I was 8 years old while attending the Boys and Girls Club Summer Camp. When all the normal camp activies were done, a group of kids and I would play on a 9 footer until our parents arrived to pick us up.

Do you play any other sports?

Yes, I swim and play soccer. And although it might not be considered a sport, I dance as well.

What kind of cue do you use?

I started out playing with the Cuetec R360. I used it in both the 2011 and 2012 BEF Junior National events. But I just recently upgraded to the Predator P3 with an OB 2 shaft. I break with the Cuetec WCT Break Cue.

Do you use a particular aiming system?

When I started playing seriously, I was taught the Ghost Ball method. After I became comfortable with the Ghost Ball method, I was taught the Parallel Aiming method. The Parallel Aiming method was much tougher to learn, and it took me some time to get the hang of it. But just recently, I was introduced to Stan Shuffett's Pro One Aiming System. It was a little difficult to break away from using the previous aiming systems that I learned, but after taking the time to learn Pro One; I love it. It's the system that I'm sticking with.

What's your favorite pool game?

9 Ball is my fovorite pool game, but recently I've been learning to play 8 Ball, 10 Ball and Straight Pool.

Is it your goal to be a professional pool player?

That would be awesome if it happens. I definitely want to continue to work hard on improving my skills so that one day I can compete with the pros. I'm still very young though, so it's definitely a possibility. My ultimate goal is to go to college and then medical school to become a plastic surgeon.

Do you have any suggestions for aspiring junior pool players?

Well, pool is challenging. Some days I play better than others. So if you're really interested in playing, you can't allow yourself to get frustrated when you miss shots or get bad position on your next shot. Also, if you really want to become a good pool player, you have to be prepared to practice...A LOT!

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